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A Truly Open and Decentralized Internet

Lynx is a fast and user-friendly blockchain. Our blockchain supports Ethereum smart contracts with sub-second finality and minimal gas costs.
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An Internet Accessible To Everyone

Currently, millions of people are unable to participate in blockchain applications due to several financial and technological discrepancies. The Lynx Network allows for everyone to be involved no matter what device they use. With just an Internet connection, anyone can browse a genuinely decentralized Internet while keeping the network safe and secure.

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The Internet of Everything

Lynx isn’t just a currency, it’s a virtual economy. Lend your local computing power to others on the Lynx Network and get paid. Create, trade, and utilize any digital good you can imagine with a plethora of applications hosted on Lynx. The possibilities are endless when you are in charge of your own reality.

Applications Just For You

You have entered a new frontier for decentralized applications. Develop user-focused applications with custom integrations and parameters. In addition to financial (DeFi), semi-financial, and governance applications, Lynx can support all types of apps related to gaming, live streaming, and a whole lot more.

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An Open Source Protocol

Built For Everyone

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Help Us Shape The Future Of The Internet

Powering the Lynx Blockchain

The Lynx Protocol has developed three main innovations to further improve the current blockchain standard.

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